Making lemonade





FINALLY, it’s here! I’m so very excited to announce an updated edition of LOCK & KEY with a brand new beautiful cover designed by the remarkable Najla Qamber now available on all ebook sellers.

It’s been a hell of a summer! There where I thought all was easy-peasy after the release of LOCK & KEY in late June, and I’d sent off my new upcoming novel to my editor to work on, and I’d started outlining my new book in the “Lock & Key” series thinking I was on a great schedule, all was well in hand…but nooooo, the Universe had other ideas.

It all began when post-publication I noticed there were a few typos left in the text that had escaped my notice, there were also a couple of timeline inconsistencies that none of us had caught along with several events in my enthusiastic epilogue being out of order, all of which luckily had been graciously pointed out to me, and at the same time I was working on getting out the paperback edition. I didn’t like this. For you, for me, for the story. I had to make it right, so I decided to have the piece re-edited and re-formatted. And hell, while I was at it, why not create a new cover, because, yes, I will admit it, I got seduced by that cover dude’s hot and brooding looks, but he was no Miller/Lock, was he? Nope. Nope. Nope. (Plus he started showing up on plenty of other book covers all summer.) As I had just worked with a new book cover artist for my upcoming release, I asked Najla to work on this with me too so we could come up with something different, something intriguing.  And she did.

And magic happened.

Along with a lot of love, sweat and tears I can tell you, and it was all worth it. Because my new baby is beautiful inside and out. (Yeah, okay, if you all find any more typos, let me know. That crap’s endless!) So instead of a summer of methodical revising and research and writing my new piece within a comfortable time frame, my summer was an all out frenzy! Along with the kids being home from school, running to the beach, and making sure everyone was fed, reasonably clean, and staying out of trouble. Oh yeah, and finally reading Outlander before the TV show started and falling  hopelessly in love with Jamie, I mean Sam, I mean Jamie, and discovering the joy of gifs on Tumbler….I could go on. But that sweet, mad frenzy is the story of my life, and I’ve learned at my age, it always works out best if you go with it and don’t fight it. So I did and learned a hell of a lot along this exciting and bumpy ride, and I am grateful for it.

None of this wouldn’t have worked out without the support and dedication of  an amazing group of talented, professional women in the indie book world that I have been blessed to meet and work with and call friends. And yep, in the indie book world you do get re-do opportunities. So I took mine. I made my lemonade, and it tastes damn good.

I hope you enjoy this improved version of LOCK & KEY. The story remains unaltered, but there are now moments of greater clarity for a few characters, and moments that have been enhanced, and those epilogue events have been squared away. I leave it to you, gentle reader, to enjoy the ride the second time around if you so choose.

Thank you for reading, for  your support and warm words of encouragement over this Summer of Frenzy. Hugely special!


with much love,

xx Cat