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Happy summer everyone!

The kids are out of school, Europe is struggling to keep its “act” on the road, and I’m buried in my laptop (Denial! World go away!) putting in lots of hours each and every day to finish my first draft for book 3 of the Lock & Key series, “IRON & BONE.” And the good news is, almost there!! Woot! Then I’ll be revising it and going mad as I do so thinking “oh this stinks, I should just trash it….oh I love this, I hope this works.” Don’t mind me. (More chocolate please, someone!) Although I started with an outline I was pretty happy with, as is my usual way, things have changed and morphed for the better as I move along in the story with my characters. Butler keeps surprising me and Boner, well…hmm…My fascination with him never ends. And I do love my girls, Tania, Jill, Grace, Lenore and Alicia.

This month I’m also working with my cover designer Najla Qamber on creating a gorgeous cover for this book, and I’m really excited about it. Right now Naj and I are playing with ideas and photos and it’s a lot of (distracting!!) fun. Be sure that once it’s ready and in full glory, I’ll be sharing it with you!

I hope you’re enjoying your family time this summer. I know we’re loving not having to be slaves to that early morning alarm, to homework angst, or rigid schedules. And hopping over to the beach to cool off is a definite treat. This has all meant that Ive had to readjust my writing time and make it more flexible, but a few weeks into summer now, and thankfully, I’m in the groove. I also am trying to make a dent in the ol’ TBR..not bad so far, but with all these great sales going on all the time, I fear it’s a never ending battle!

A couple of announcements for you- an excerpt from “Random & Rare” is included the new FREE mc biker anthology REV THE ENGINE available on all e-book sellers along with over ten other excerpts from biker genre authors. And my historical romance WOLFSGATE is now available for free on Kindle Unlimited. Try it if you’re in a book funk and need something rather different – a friends to lovers / forced to marry / sensual suspenseful tale set in 18th century England.

As always, I really enjoy connecting with you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tsu.  Oh, and happy winter to my pals Down Under!

xoxo Cat





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