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A sensual 18th century tale of deception and revenge, and the healing of two souls hungering for love and absolution.
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“My resurrection, they call it.They have no bloody idea.

Shipwrecked and lost, left for dead,
Abandoned by my own family.
Drugged and addicted
My wife saved me, brought me home.
I didn’t even know I had a wife—can I trust her?
I know I want her.
We are two of a kind—the manipulated,
the tossed off, the rejected.
Bitter disappointments, painful secrets, age-old jealousies are my new shipwreck,
and my wife my new opium.
Is satisfaction to be found in revenge
or revenge in satisfaction?
One thing I do know,
without each other we’re both doomed.”



  • “The writing was fantastic, I got swept up in the story…their banter was sexy & hilarious at times. The sex scenes were scorching hot. The angst, God the angst was delicious and torturous…The author kept me riveted right till the end, the drama of it all! It was wildly romantic, heartbreaking, a little bit dark, and most importantly, I loved both characters.”  - Read More Sleep Less Blog


  • “The story starts off with a thrill and continues on a roller coaster ride until the very end…Wolfsgate is so easy to become enthralled with…you lose yourself in the characters and the scenes…Readers will crave more as they turn each page…Cat Porter is an artist of words, and you will see that in any of her books.” - Cruising Susan Book Reviews


  • “Captivating and Intense!  Cat Porter’s intricate novel is a wonder and I’m glad I’ve found her books now, although the wait for her next one will be excruciating… I’m so very glad I read this book. It’s stimulating and deep, while still managing to entertain and take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.” - Confessions of a Y.A. and N.A. Book Addict