Wolfsgate Excerpt

✥  Excerpt 1 from WOLFSGATE © 2014 Cat Porter ✥


“How is your head today?”

Brandon stood next to his wife in the dining room as she filled her breakfast dish with slices of bread, a piece of cheese and a spoonful of plum preserves.

“Sorry?” She glanced up at him from her dish. Her eyes were strained.

Brandon tilted his head at her. “From all the drink last night?”

“Ah.” Her gaze returned to her dish. Her hair was down, and thick locks of it shifted over her shoulders and across her chest. She bore a mark on the side of her throat from his rough kisses. His cock stirred in his breeches at the sight, and he shifted his weight waiting for her reply. “This morning’s walk did wonders for me,” she said finally.

“You went for a walk? That’s good.” He moved closer to her and slid a stray piece of her wavy hair that bobbed in her eyes behind her ear. He couldn’t resist tracing a trail down the edge of that delicate ear. He managed to elicit a slight tremor from her. “Any other aches and pains?”

Justine’s eyes shot up at him, and this time they were round. “Aches and pains?”

He leaned closer to her. “Yes. Aches and pains,” he whispered.

“Not this morning.” She sat down at the table and lavished a piece of bread with plum jam.

He picked up a dish, tossed a few pieces of ham, cheese, and a hunk of bread and took a seat close to her at the dining table. A smile crept over his lips, but he suppressed it by biting into the cheddar.

She glanced up at him as she drank from her cup of chocolate. “What were you doing this morning?”

He swallowed the food in his mouth. “Chopping wood.”

“That was you? I thought that was Martin.”


She bit into her bread. “Impressive at such an hour.”

“Indeed, I find such vigorous exercise early in the morning helps with all my daily aches and pains.” He took a bite of bread and chewed, his eyes locked on hers.

Justine took in a breath and broke off a piece of cheese. “Is it your leg?” she asked.

“Primarily.” He leaned forward, his forearms on the table. “It remains stiff, and the pain can be quite—”

“Disagreeable?” Justine’s gaze met his.


“That must be intolerable for an active man such as yourself, Lord Graven. You should have told me. I could have—”


“Prepared a compress of chamomile for it.”

“Ah,” he said, an eyebrow arching. “Do you really think such a compress would be soothing enough?” He bit into a piece of ham and chewed it slowly as he stared at her.

Justine drained her chocolate and deposited her china cup with a light but discernible clink back in its saucer. She licked her lips as she held his gaze. “I believe so, as the compress would be…




“And wet.”

The urge to spread her on the table and take her over their breakfast dishes tore through him. He’d lick that plum jam right off her nipples and pour that hot chocolate over…Oh, this woman.



✥  Excerpt 2 from WOLFSGATE © 2014 Cat Porter ✥


His hands gripped her wrists and fastened them to the table once again. She blinked up at him, trying to focus on his face. “Don’t ever talk to me about separating again,” Brandon said, his voice steady, sharp, like a commanding army officer. “This is where I want to be. With you. Inside you.” He nestled his cock deeper inside her. Her back arched against him, a cry escaping her lips, her body immobile under his firm grip. “This is all I know right now. And I like it.”

Her eyes widened, her breath burst in and out.

“Don’t ask me what I might want or what I might think I want,” he continued. “It’s very courteous of you really.” His voice was like acid in his own ear, sizzling with bone-melting clarity through the sensual fog. He dipped his face closer to hers and smelled the scent of lavender mixed with her sweat and the heady aroma of their desire rising from her throat. He inhaled that holy scent locking it in his memory.

“I do appreciate it, but my brain doesn’t function according to the niceties any longer. All I know is that right here and right now, it’s you and me and this damned house. We shall continue to live here together. We shall restore Wolfsgate, get me healthy, deal with my cousin and my uncle, and enjoy each other. Do you understand, Lady Graven?” His tongue flicked against her trembling lower lip. “Do you agree?”

She only nodded. Her neck slackened, and her head dropped back against the wood table once more. Brandon nipped the side of her face. He would hold off confronting her on her alleged virginity just yet. Frankly, he didn’t think he would be able to control his emotions if he heard the truth, whatever the hell it was. Bloody hell, he’d just taken her on the goddamn kitchen table. No, the virginity conversation could wait for now.

This felt too damned good at the moment.


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