Legends of Meager Series

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A forgotten era
A forever love
Their untold story.

Screw the rules.

Army veteran Richie Tallin returns to South Dakota from a disastrous war with nothing to gain and nothing to lose. With no real home, his family in shambles, his dad’s old motorcycle becomes the key to a new life as Wreck, the Road Captain of an outlaw motorcycle club. Now he’s living the life he’s always craved—freedom, good times, loyalty, no regrets, and, hell yes, no rules.

But when he finally gets a chance with Isi, a feisty girl he’s had his eye on for years, everything shifts. As fiercely independent as Wreck, Isi is determined to restart her life and keep her family’s business afloat while she hides a wounded past. She and Wreck light a fire in each other that’s unexpected and wild, and what begins as a casual fling becomes passionate and serious real fast.

Life is good.

But when a war of revenge, payback, and power breaks out, everyone gets caught in the crossfire. Choices are made. Sacrifices that can never be undone. In a crazy 80’s world of drug dealers, rock and rollers, and rival outlaws, Wreck and Isi are determined to hold on come what may.

And come it does.

Few know how the One-Eyed Jacks MC of Meager came to be. And fewer still, how the love of one woman changed the destiny of a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota forever.

“The Dust and the Roar” is the origin story of the Lock & Key Series set in the late 1970s through the 1980s before the timeline of the series. This is a literary fiction love story of Isi and original MC member, Wreck, as well as the story of the founding of the club in Meager, South Dakota. It is a full length, complete novel and can be read as a standalone before or after the series.




A brand new Standalone Motorcycle Club Romance and Rock & Roll Romance short read from the Lock & Key world!

One crazy night in the middle of nowhere in 1989

It’s Valentine’s Day eve, but Isi has forgotten all about the holiday, being worn out and played out on the road with her rock band.

Only Wreck hasn’t forgotten.

He rides all night to find his woman at a wild party after a gig.

And just in time, because Isi has gotten herself into a whole lot of danger and crazy. As usual.

Two lovers stop time for each other.

And it’s everything they both desire and need, but still, as always, want and need more.

This is their fire, their roar.

>> This holiday short story can be read as a STANDALONE in the Lock & Key series and Legends of Meager world <<


When I walked up the steps to Meager Senior High that September morning I had no idea that by the end of the year my life as I knew it would be over.

Every high school senior anticipates having their best year ever. I certainly did.

Senior year, here I come. Watch out for Grace Hastings!

I had everything going for me.

Only the everything I thought was real…

Was so wrong.

Everything I believed in, everything I was holding onto up until that moment, turned out to be meaningless.

Well, no. That’s a bit dramatic, isn’t it?

This is more accurate—everything can crack, break, crash. Flip the fuck over and burn.

And it did.


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