Lock & Key Series Bonus Scene!

 In An Alternate Dig & Grace Universe….




“I’m ready. Finally. If I have to pee one more time…” Grace’s voice rang out as she came up behind me. Her full tummy pressed against my back. “Are we going? Everything okay?”

I shut off my cell phone, tucking it in my back pocket. “Yep, come on.” I hooked my arm around her neck and led her out to the driveway of our house where my surprise for her stood in all its glory.

She stopped in her tracks, a gasp hissing from her lips. “What…What’s that?”

“What do you think?”


“I got us a family vehicle. I figured we have my bikes, the Camaro, the truck. Baby’s coming soon, Gracie, we need this. I like to plan ahead.”

“Oh my God.” Her hand slid across the smooth black plains of our brand new SUV. “I can’t believe you.”

“It’s got airbags everywhere and–”

“Such domesticity.”

“I love our domesticity.”

A wash of pink colored her face, her lips curving into a smile, and a throb pinched in my chest at the sight. I loved surprising her, making her happy. It was a simple thing, but it struck deep every time.

“It’s real nice,” she murmured. “I love it. And I love you planning ahead.”

“Got all the extras–” I hit the unlock button on my keys.

She let out a small laugh. “Oh, I’m sure it does. How expensive was it?”

“Come on, come on, get in. Let’s go for a ride, I’ll show you how it handles, you’re going to love driving this–”

“Oh. But I thought we were going on the bike one last time? You promised.”

“Yeah, I know. But come on, let’s take this mamma out.”

She folded her arms across her full chest. “I’m too fat now for the bike, is that it?” Her forehead wrinkled, her lips twisted. My old lady was actually pouting.

“Are you kidding me? Babe, come on.” I circled her body with my arms bringing her into me. “I’m being cautious.”

“Since when, Dig Quillen?”

“Since now. Seeing this latest sonogram was like…holy shit….I saw his nose, his tiny feet. Makes a man re-think everything. Work with me here, okay?”

She let out a huffy sigh. “Okay.”

I kissed the top of her head, squeezing her full ass in my hands. It was fuller, wasn’t it? I loved the changes in Grace’s body. They were coming faster now. I’d helped make those changes happen. She was carrying our kid, that I’d planted in her. I released her and opened the passenger side door for her. “Your chariot awaits.” She moved toward the car, and I cuffed her bicep, stopping her. “Kiss me.”

Standing up on her toes, eyes bright, she kissed me and climbed up into the SUV with a small grunt. She stretched out her legs. “It’s roomy, huh?”

“Very,” I replied with a wink.

We took off, and I sped through Meager, taking the higher road up into the forested hills around town.

Grace hit the radio, turning it up loud. ZZ Top blared through the car. “Whoa. Great sound system.”

“Only the best for my woman.” I took another tight curve, the towering evergreens a green blur.

“Such a smooth ride,” Grace said over the music.

“Isn’t it?” I glanced at her. Her smile was huge. She loves it. I clamped a hand around her leg and she clutched my fingers with hers. Grace moved my hand a little higher up her bare thigh, and I squeezed her flesh, my eyes glued to the road. She brought my hand higher, my fingertips grazing her warm panty just over her snatch. My pulse kicked up.

“Babe?” I laughed. “I’d rather not lose control of the car, need to finish paying for it…”

“Lose control,” she breathed, sliding my hand between her legs. Damp, warm. “I already have.”

I swerved the vehicle over to the side of the road as Grace shook with laughter. Lunging out of the car, I jerked open her door, pulled her out and brought her into the backseat. I ripped off my shirt grinning. “We got to christen these wheels at some point, right?” I climbed into the back seat.

“Absolutely,” she said, unbuckling my belt, tugging at my jeans. She climbed on top of me, and with my booted feet pressing into the floor of the car, I slid into my wife, her eyes gleaming. Oh, those eyes. I was changing their color as I rocked slowly inside her. Her lips parted, and she let out a small cry as I raised my hips into hers, faster.

She clasped my shoulders, her one hand digging into my hair as she rode me. “Dig, oh…”

My hands gripped her tightly. Didn’t take long for both of us to come, and come hard. Our loud, ragged breaths filled the car. My hands spanned her full waist, getting fuller every day. Soon, so soon, our kid would be here. And instead of getting it on in the backseat we’d be struggling over a car seat, seat belts, diaper bags.

The grinding blare of a bike engine screamed from the end of the road and a prickle raced over my neck, my mouth drying. I pulled Grace down to the floor.

“What is it?” she whispered against my throat.

I squeezed her hard and we remained motionless until the roar of the engine faded.

I planted a quick kiss on her lips. “Nothing. Nothing at all. Let’s go. I think I’m in the mood for waffles over in Pine Needle. What do you say?”

She smiled as I brushed her soft cheek with my fingertips. Our favorite little diner from when we’d first started talking way back when. I kissed her again, long and slow this time, her tongue dancing with mine.

“I could eat. Of course.” She rolled her eyes on a giggle.

I smacked her bottom softly. “Let’s go, Sister.”

I hopped out of the car and stretched out, enjoying the heat of the sun on my bare skin. Grace remained in the backseat, her legs kicking up out of the doorway, her soft, satiated gaze snagged on my bare chest. My girl. My Wildflower.

“Gimme my shirt?” I said.

“Hmm. Nope. I like you like that just fine.”

I let out a laugh. “Gracie, you know what?”

“What?” Her head tilted, eyes blinking in the sunlight.

“I love you, baby,” I said, my voice just above a whisper.

The flush on her cheeks deepened. “Love you, too, Dig,”

“Come on. Your man is hungry, and I’ll bet our kid is too in that sweet tummy of yours. Let’s go.”

Her hand went to her belly, her grin widening. She stretched out her hand to me, and I took it.



- © Cat Porter 2020


  1. What a fantastic alternative universe. I love Grace and Dig. It’s brilliant to see where they would have been…….

  2. If only…..I love Dig and Grace’s love… But ( and a big ass but) I love Lock and Grace’s love too…..
    I love them ALL! Please keep writing about our ‘Jack’ family from Meager.
    and please keep writng about Alternative universe too!! :)
    Thanks Cat!

  3. Love it!! I love Dig and Grace!! So sad for what they could have been! But, I love Lock and Grace too!! Thanks for a glimpse of an alternate universe!!

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