Trigger Warnings

* For those readers who would like to be aware of potential triggers before they read books *


Wolfsgate: bullying, sexual assault flashback narrated by third party


Ironvine: bullying and sexual assault flashbacks narrated by third party, discussion of slave trade, BDSM referred to.


Lock & Key: death by motorcycle accident, attempted sexual assault, multiple partner sex scene


Random & Rare:  death by motorcycle accident, killing by knife, kidnapping, house invasion with rape, sexual assault, bullying, theft, surrogate miscarriage, depression,


Iron & Bone: sexual abuse in past referred to, violent murders by crow bar, bullying, kidnapping flashback/referred to, torture scene


Blood & Rust: bullying, murder, kidnapping, death in car accident, death in motorcycle accident


Fury: kidnapping, imprisonment, torture with cutting and maiming, group sexual assault, murder


The Dust and the Roar: Vietnam veteran having battle flashbacks, past sexual assault referred to, murder


The Year of Everything: bullying, potential group sexual assault stopped before it happens, teenage boy pressuring teenage girl to go further


Dagger in the Sea: tense game of Russian Roulette, death by explosion


The Wind & the Roar Duet: death in a fire told in flashback, group sexual encounter at private club