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Legends of Meager Series

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Lock & Key Christmas


















Dagger in the Sea










  1. Loved your Lock & Key Series.
    Read there would be a standalone book about Finger coming out. Do you have any idea when that will be? Really interested in reading his story.
    Would appreciate any info.
    Thank you, Bobbie

  2. I’m stunned and blown away. I have just finished binge reading the entire Lock & Key series in three days!!!!! You had me from the first word. I went through the entire gamut of emotions while reading, and it started from the first line in Lock & Key. I’m a huge fan of MC romances and thought that no one could out do my favourite authors, but you did, and you did it spectacularly. I really loved the fact that your main characters were mature adults scarred by life but still reaching out for that elusive second chance at finding their happy. Consider me a fan……a huge fan!! Thank you for giving us these beautiful, ugly, scarred, lovable creatures. You have enriched my reading experience on this New Years weekend.
    All the very best for 2018.

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